The original idea of Bitcoreglobal came up during ongoing discussions in the community about the Bitcore – BTX cryptocurrency .
In Bitcoreglobal, the community is in the centre of the project. Topics like “core developments”, “acceptance with third party services” or even “dependency on core teams” put us in a position where we decided to take some action on all these things. These issues are existent all over of the blockchain industry. So many coins and tokens are dying or died already, because of the fact that core developers couldn’t support the development costs anymore or the coreteam is not big enough to provide all the services they need, to keep the infrastructure running or simply because they don’t want to support it anymore, or just can’t warrant the time to do it. 

Instead of reinventing the wheel over and over, we create one platform and infrastructure with a tokenlayer and connect it to all together. The main advantage of this is that everything will be instantly integrated and working. An other advantage is that multiple projects will we able to leverage each others strengths and compensate for potential weaknesses.

BTXT is exchanged on 1:1 ratio with the Bitcore BTX. With our vision we’re entering a new evolutionary phase; the phase of bringing together all the developers and working on one infrastructure, stabilising one network instead of thousands, merging the emission of thousands of projects to one project and getting rid of delays from cumbersome developments.
Thanks to the simplicity of the integration into the existing payment structure, we will attract community members to work on our vision without using any technical skills. 

It is finally possible for all of us focus on the most important part of a project, the VISION and the getting it to the people.