Let us give a short update to you since you are all so excited and waiting for news. A week full of meetings and discussions came to an end now.

The BTXM – The Blockchain Machine

Most of you already know. We are working on an important building block for our own network of blockchain machines.
We can report that we had a successful demonstration in the beautiful Hotel Gierer at Lake Constance in front of some very interested partners, whom we are not allowed to mention by name yet. We took this event very seriously, because these were all candidates for creating, maintaining and growing the whole german speaking region, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They were so enthusiastic that they invited Ivo to participate in presentations in Asia to see if we can expand our network and start building a BTXM branch there as well. Steve has also been invited to an important meeting next Saturday, and is talking to a board member of a renowned (German) bank. We have achieved exactly what we wanted with our presentations, demonstrations and other meetings. To arouse curiosity and enter into initial negotiations. We expect to update you with videos as well.

Why this matters?

The ATMs are the entry point for so many newbies and will be the starting point for selling and buying BTXt – Bitcoreglobal. We have to show, that we have no issues anymore to bring BTXt to machines. The code for the whole paymentsystem is written from scratch and completely in our hands. That means, no copy pasting crap.

The Mobile App – The next big thing

Of course, an ATM network also includes a mobile wallet that communicates with the machine and can safely store the BTXt.
Ivo and his dev have been coding day and night and have already tested a first developer version of the wallet that will support the entire BTXM infrastructure. Over the next days and weeks it is necessary to pass all possible tests and to resolve errors and possible bugs.
This test version was demonstrated in our presentations with future partners.
You can imagine their reaction – extremely enthusiastic and there was hardly any stopping them. The cool thing about it was that we demonstrated the App to non coiners and they wanted to have this app available immediately for further demonstrations in their own network.

Our inhouse payment system

BTXM Pay was of course also a topic and we had an exciting discussion with a UK/US team who are looking for partners in europe. This discussion ended up with a verbal agreement for further negotiations and creating a channel to update each other.
An other altcointeam is also very interested to use our paymentchannels to tokenize their coin and get rid of any core developments. But it’s still in a pretty early phase for discussions, so we won’t be getting to the details yet.

What are we doing now?

It is pretty exciting time for us, we’re about to send the first machines into the field without breaking any laws. After this test drive, we will continue to work hard and constantly improve the stability of our servers and networks. It is important for us to send more tokens into the race and to work on accommodating use cases that we have in the real world. You are also in control of where we move, dear community. Send pictures and information to your channels. Do not be afraid to discover potential business areas and share them with us. We hope for lively discussions about all of this in the telegram channels!