January 2020

Launch Swap page


Swap your Bitcore BTX 1:1 in Bitcoreglobaltoken BTXt.

March 2020

Launch Mobile Wallets 

iOS & Android

We’re developing iOS Mobile first because the Apple approval takes a long time (expected 3-4 months), during this time, we’re developing the Android Mobile, so that we can launch both at about the same time

March 2020

Launch BTXM & BTXM Pay

Bitcoreglobal will be available in our inhouse-payment infrastructure
We launch in two steps:

1. BTXM Pay as a gateway for buying and selling BTXT directly with
    crypto and later with FIAT-Money

2. BTXM as a PoS in the field 

Sept 2020

Major update core

Integration of newest updates of bitcoin core and adding features

We update the core and the blockchain, where BTXT is integrated.

Working on first plugins like an inwallet voting & messagesystem